Hello MarketStop Family,

Some of us at MarketStop were, at one time, Power Sellers on eBay and ProMerchants on Amazon.  I did so for close to sixteen years and maintained top-percentage customer feedback throughout.  One unfortunate day, I was notified via Amazon email that my seller account had been suspended indefinitely.  After calling and writing to them countless times over the next few days, Amazon would not reply with any reasoning as to the why of the suspension.  I have come to learn, through talking to so many others whose livelihood had been, likewise, torn asunder, that this is the usual play from Amazon.  So I paid a lot of money to hire a business who targets these sorts of issues.

One would wonder why there are so many companies whose only job is to aid people in recovering their Amazon seller accounts after being terminated without cause or any semblance of rationale.  This would directly indicate that this is a frequent and ongoing occurrence.  Well, after dwelling with the eCommerce serpent for such a long time, I can disclose the exact reason why without subjectivity:  It is because overly-immense, unduly-rich, monopolized websites get far too big for their own good and, subsequently, treat the people who rely upon them like dirt.  It is blatantly apparent that this is their view of people who are not nearly as rich and powerful as they are.  This scenario is akin to the “mighty,” ruling-king in his castle atop the mountain, high above the “lowly” peons in the valley below.  Through personal experience and much research, involving interviews with past Amazon employees, I have uncovered the fact that suspending and outright-revoking seller accounts is a daily occurrence there at the Amazon cartel, destroying peoples’ subsistence without a single sliver of human compassion … many, many people!  Privilege and arrogance reign supreme in those places of concession; that is a paraphrased, but now, well-documented, analyzed, and consulted, fact from prior Amazon employees!

Anyhow, back to the original discussion.  Without hesitation, I hired a law firm and a private detective to investigate the matter.  We discovered that another Amazon seller had deceptively posed as the rights-owner to Ray-ban sunglasses, which was a product I was vending and was authorized by Luxottica (the actual rights-owner) to do so, and told Amazon that he had not given me permission to sell “his” product.  Without contacting me first to allow a rebuttal in order to defend myself and my business, and to expose and substantiate the fraudulence, they suspended my account, devoid of explanation, reasoning, or confirmed justification.


First of all, I contacted Luxottica, the aforementioned rights owner to Ray-ban, and obtained a written and signed letter on Luxottica letterhead.  It stated that my company was, indeed, an approved seller of Ray-ban sunglasses and that I was securing their product from an authorized wholesaler.  Additionally, we captured the fraudulent seller’s recorded voice, admitting that he had managed to get over 60 people kicked off Amazon (that he knew of) and had falsely reported at least 100 or more.  The realization of the success this charlatan was having in duping Amazon was cold, hard proof that they simply do not care about their sellers, whatsoever.  Otherwise, all these fraudulent schemes would have been seized and ceased a long time ago through probes, inspections, and analyses.  We also managed to get the fraudulent Amazon seller admitting, outright, in an email, his duplicitous methods of deluding the eCommerce conglomerate, Amazon, into believing he was a rights owner for many various products (apparently, it is not too difficult).  He even confessed to being in the process of targeting 50 or so more sellers at the very time of that email.

Amazon never replied to the disputes we raised, although information clearing us and, furthermore, would have held up in any court of law had been presented.  Strangely, I continued to receive pestering, computer-generated emails (carrots) from Amazon, asking me to submit paperwork to get my account reinstated, even though my lawyers and I had already done so, repeatedly.  It was not appreciated, whatsoever, and it was clear I was being toyed with, but we were on the verge of losing our home, so I continued to jump through that hoop six or seven times over, and time and time again, after submitting the paperwork they asked me for, proving my innocence, I never drew a response.  So, ultimately, I threw in the towel, chalking it up to seeing Amazon’s true colors once and for all.  A similar, but not quite as damning, occurrence to the aforementioned fraud materialized at eBay, almost simultaneously, but that is a whole other story and not necessary at this juncture.


After losing my professional career in the medical field to company-wide lay-offs during The Great Recession, I relied solely on my Amazon and eBay incomes.  After I was victimized, I no longer had a way to feed my wife and children.  I gathered the realization, during the course of studying for another degree, a business degree, that the majority of enormous companies and corporations get too monetarily bloated for their own good.  And as a result, they can no longer see the forest for the trees.  They become tirelessly esurient if they lose sight of their original true mission; the mission statement they adhered to when they first began, which usually involved everyone but them (and, sadly, most huge conglomerates do lose that sight of benevolence and scrupulousness through the veil of money).


After visiting many forums concerning the aforementioned travesties and, sadly, hearing and reading about story after story that mirrored my own, I decided it was time for justice.  It was time for a website to arise; something robust and similar in scope to Amazon, eBay, and the like, but not greedy, mean, merciless, and incompassionate to its members, merchants, and consumers alike.  After all, it was the very people Amazon treated like dirt who were the third-party sellers that put them on the map and made them the clearly-monopolized, impregnable, all-consuming behemoth they are today, and it is mournful that they are not regarded as such by all.


It is high-time for a revolt!  It is time to stop making imperious, overly-rich, cavalier, controlling websites any richer than they already are!  It is time to stop making the word “Amazon” synonymous with eCommerce (shopping online), because it is not and should not , or ever, be!

Note that many of these gigantic corporations pay very little in taxes with relation to income, as well.  How is that fair?  Nobody needs to stockpile that much money for Lamborghinis, mansions, islands, precious jewels, and hifalutin personal pleasures!  They even suck up to politicians to better their positions of power.  There are too many honest-to-goodness people out there who are suffering and barely surviving.  There are more people than ever who live on the streets now, and I can tell you about some millionaires, and even billionaires, who do not give a penny to a single charity.  That, folks, is selfish avarice at its peak of antipathy for those who are not as well off; simply put … extreme arrogance.  And through our (as a community of consumers) contributing to those dragon-hoards of riches by shopping at, selling for, and relying solely upon, those few monopolized websites, we are only feeding the rapacious beast.

MarketStop will be dedicated to giving to charities, like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Petsmart Charities, The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation (for shaken babies), and Wounded Warriors, to name just a few.  We will build spiritual worship sanctuaries, and fund centers for Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and other noteworthy help groups and organizations.  The word “greed” is not in our vocabulary, nor will it ever be, only the passion, intention, and will to help others with illnesses, hardships, unemployment, and bills that stretch beyond income.  I know of a small-town dentist who has had a broken-down water fountain in his waiting room for over 15 years!  It is time to get that replaced for him.  There are so many people who need aid, even small things, like the aforementioned water fountain.  We want to help!  We want to give!  Please, help us in our quest to do just that.


We will focus on being customer-oriented and, wait … for … it, merchant-oriented, too!  Yes, we will be driven to care about our merchants!  We vow to value them, just as much as our customers.  For we know that without them, there are no customers!  Come join the family, and together, we can make Internet shopping a whole new and exciting experience, one that is focused on giving, not taking; benevolence, not malevolence!

Welcome to MarketStop!

Sincere regards,

Troy Theisen, Founder