Are you a third-party merchant who has been mistreated by those filthy rich monopoly guys because all you are to them is a lowly peon?  WELL, WE NEED YOU!  Unlike those presumptuous, greed-filled dogmatists, we understand that all of you are the fuel that make this retail engine roar!  There is no mindset here that you are expendable due to the belief that there will always be someone else waiting in the wings to take your place.  We care about your livelihood, and for MarketStop to be successful, we need each and every one of YOU to be successful.  The better you do, the better we do!  We can’t wait to work side-by-side with our respected sellers.  Also, as we grow, once you reach a, yet undetermined, quota of sales, you can become a Super Seller, where you will benefit from even better savings.  More to come, friends!  Stay tuned!