The new alternative to the overly-rich, money-grubbing eCommerce websites is here … FINALLY!  Portions of our profits will be going to charities and other worthy causes!  There will be no hoarding or stockpiling of wealth based on greed!  So, folks, I pose this question to you:  Why do the rich keep getting richer?  The answer:  Because we keep feeding the beast!  Let’s break the pattern and focus on fairness for everyone, including sellers, shoppers, and suppliers!  Monopolies should never, ever exist, nor should anything that remotely resembles one!  Monopolizing is unfair to the common folks.  It hinders our ability to plot our destinies and seek after our goals.  There is plenty of room in this world for all established retailers and upcoming potential merchants!  Shop here!  Sell here!  Be a part of the MarketStop family!  MarketStop … One For All!!!