Merchant Policy

Merchant/Seller Policies

Updated:  May 4, 2019

“MarketStop – We Actually CARE About Our Merchants”!

General Guidelines

These Prohibited Merchant Activities and Actions are established to cultivate an eCommerce platform that is secure for shoppers and principled for merchants of both products and services. Failure to abide by the terms of this policy can result in dissolution of listings, suspension of MarketStop account, including reports and metrics tools, and/or the revocation of all merchant privileges.

The following rules apply to merchants of both, products and services.  For specific rules to products or services, go to the end of this section.

The primary method of payment on the MarketStop MarketPlace is PayPal, so all merchants must have a valid and up-to-date PayPal account that is in good standing in order to be qualified as a MarketStop merchant.   We also accept credit cards through Stripe, which you will find when you are checking out.

IMPORTANT:  Attempts to divert transactions or shoppers:  Any effort to thwart the MarketStop sales operation or to redirect MarketStop Members or visitors to another website of any sort, (whether adversary, competitor, or not), or any other sales operation, including personal sale, is strictly forbidden.  This includes, but is in no way limited to, ads, marketing lures, or call-to-action buttons or links that drive, persuade, or advise MarketStop Members or visitors to exit the MarketStop website.  These dishonest and corrupt actions are, quite simply, not allowed or tolerated, and grounds for an immediate lifetime ban from MarketStop.

Prohibited Merchant Activities & Actions:

  1. Prohibited and dishonest use of email:  The use of email with the intent to drive or redirect Members, shoppers, and/or visitors away from the MarketStop sales operation.
  2. Prohibited and dishonest business soliciting:  The insertion of hyperlinks, URLs, or web addresses within any merchant-created email messages or any listing description areas that are designed to redirect customers away from the MarketStop sales operation.
  3. Listing tools:  When this feature is incorporated into the MarketStop user interface in the future, utilizing any tool which places products on the MarketStop website, for any reason, besides establishing product listing pages, is not allowed.
  4. Unapproved and imprudent merchant Member branding:  The merchant or Member ID/name (which identifies a merchant on the MarketStop MarketPlace) must be one that correctly and accurately identifies the merchant, is not ambiguous or deceptive, the merchant has the freedom to utilize, is devoid of trademarks, copyrights, or intellectual property of any other person or entity.   Additionally, a merchant or Member ID that contains email suffixes such as .com, .net, .biz, etc. are not permitted.
  5. Inappropriate and/or unwarranted communications:  All communications with shoppers (including those sent through the MarketStop Messaging and/or email) must be civil, purposeful, and pertinent.  Additional and unwelcome communications other than what is required for successful, businesslike order fulfillment and related shopper support, and communications consisting of marketing content of any and all sorts are considered contraband, are grounds for indefinite account revocation.
  6. Direct email addresses:  Shoppers and merchants may communicate and correspond with each other via MarketStop Messaging.  Merchants are forbidden from supplying, implementing, or soliciting explicit, non-MarketStop-generated email addresses and information on the MarketStop website or in communication via MarketStop Messaging.  For everyone’s protection, emails may NOT be exchanged.
  7. Running more than one merchant account:  Conducting and controlling more than one Merchant Account is strictly prohibited.  If you have a justifiable business need for an additional Merchant Account, you may apply for a policy exception by contacting us via our Contact Us option at the bottom of the Home page on the MarketStop website.

Product Listing Policies (This list can also be found under Merchant Policy)

When listing an item on the MarketStop MarketPlace, you acknowledge the following:

  1. When creating a product page or listing an item for sale, you are providing MarketStop and its Members, through this Member Agreement, to use your photos, images, product descriptions and details, and any other pertinent information.
  2. You will list products and services in their correct and applicable categories and/or subcategories.
  3. You may never interpolate links to outside websites where products may be purchased anywhere outside MarketStop’s website, or any personal, business, or personal business website.  This includes, but is not limited to, hyperlinks and hypertext, pictures or images, URLs, marketing lures, call-to-action buttons, etc., which allure Members and visitors to access another website.  This is a serious infraction and may result in the loss of your account, merchant and/or shopper, indefinitely.
  4. You are prohibited from avoiding fees in any manner.
  5. You may not infract or bypass any third-party rights and/or our rules, arrangements, policies, determinations, and/or regulations concerning your Member Account status.
  6. You are disallowed from cross-merchandising or cross-promoting a product within a sales listing.
  7. You are not allowed to utilize our Services if you are not capable of forming legally binding contracts (an example of this would be if you are under 18 years old, or if you are temporarily or indefinitely suspended from using our website, services, applications, or tools).
  8. Shopper’s premiums and/or any other capricious percentages or fees, fixed or variable, are not allowed, unless a written consent of exemption is provided by MarketStop.
  9. All shipping charges are required to be particularized utilizing the choices we provide.
  10. All shipping charges must be realistic, fair, and reasonable.  They are never allowed to be exaggerated in cost.  The monetary amount you are aiming to receive for a product must be incorporated into the price of a product and can never be associated with the shipping and handling charge of the product package.  This same policy is in effect when multiple items are won by a single shopper with regards to combining shipping and handling.  The definition of “exaggerated” is at our discretion and determination, but can typically be discerned by using moral judgment.
  11. Merchants may never instruct shoppers that they have to wait for a customized invoice before making payment for a product purchase.  If anyone is targeted in this way, please contact us immediately so that we may quickly rectify the situation.
  12. When choosing a method of payment from the options that MarketStop provides, any added charges or conditions for using the indicated method of payment by any and all merchants are strictly forbidden.  A prime example of this would be a merchant signifying that shoppers must pay an extra 50 cents if they are opting to pay via PayPal.
  13. Product subject titles are only allowed to contain information directly related to the sale items themselves.
  14. Product subject titles should never include shipping information, advertisement verbiage, or words, phrases, or expressions extraneous to the actual sale item.  Examples of this would be “Wow!”, “Look!”, “Super Deal!”, etc.  Also, superfluous use of capitalization in subject titles and abnormal or improper use of punctuation and special characters are directly against our guidelines and strictly forbidden.  Examples of this would be “BEST TVs ON THE MARKET!!!”, “L@@K!!!”, or “Perfectly Centered Black Penny Stamp ◊ Used ◊ OG”.  Any and all listings that have anything remotely resembling these examples will be removed without hesitation.  Note that asterisks and exclamation points, in moderation, are allowed.  This is not bullying or pettiness.  It has to do with customer search.  It is not in your best interest to add such special characters and capitalizations to your titles, because when you do, it reduces your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) significantly.
  15. Product subject titles may not include unique product identification numbers.  These are personally assigned numbers known as SKUs.
  16. All information contained within a listing must be completely accurate (especially concerning the conditions of used items), unambiguous, thorough, and pertinent to the product listing.
  17. By listing a product image of a used item, it should be an image of the exact item the shopper will receive.  If this cannot be achieved, then the title must include the condition, and the condition must meet our guidelines found here: Condition Guidelines.  If there are any serious discrepancies, or if there is any notable cosmetic damage of a used item, there must be (an) image(s) showing the damage in addition to having said “damage” in the description area.  If the image is only meant to serve as an example or stock photo, as is the case with many new products, it is not required, but for your protection, we recommend that you state this at the top of your description.
  18. Product images can only show the product that is for sale in the coordinating listing.  Click-bait is strictly prohibited.  Also, listings with multiple quantities may not be utilized to market dissimilar products within the same listing.  An example of this would be an image displaying four different products, marked 1 through 4, and then creating an individual listing with a quantity of four.  It is also not acceptable to generate a listing that consists of an image of products marked 1 through 4, but specify that only one specific product is for sale in that listing.  This is a form of “bait and switch,” which is a dishonest sales tactic that is looked down upon and strictly forbidden in the MarketStop MarketPlace.
  19. The location of a product (shipping from) must be exactly where the item is originating from.  For example, if the listing says the item is shipping from Orlando, Florida, the shopper should not be receiving a package from China.
  20. Distribution or the posting of spam, unsolicited or bulk e-communications, pyramid schemes, chain letters, and the like are strictly prohibited.
  21. Distribution or use of malware, adware, viruses, or any technology that may sabotage MarketStop or MarketStop Members is strictly prohibited and will be reported to pertinent law authorities.
  22. Images may never contain any propaganda, ads, marketing material, or watermarks (political or otherwise).
  23. Images must not pixelate beyond recognition when enlarged and must be of sensible quality.  They also must be properly cropped and orientated.
  24. It is required that product costs be practical, and they are not allowed to be exaggerated.  The definition of “exaggerated” is at our sole judgment but is typically only applicable to products listed with costs at an exorbitant amount more than their actual retail value.
  25. Numerical grading (stamps, coins, or other gradable collectibles) and prices established on numerical grading (such as SMQ Values) can only be disclosed in the listing if the product is, and will be upon receipt, accompanied by a Graded Stamp Certificate from the PSE, PFC, APS, or other authorized grading entity as noted in our Terms & Conditions.  Note that foreign stamps that are graded will be listed under that specific country along with the ungraded stamps.
  26. Concerning stamps, coins, or other collectibles, “e-Graded” products are prohibited from the “Graded U.S. Stamps” subcategory under the Stamps / Philately category.
  27. Listing replicated stamps or any replicated collectible is not permissible in the MarketStop MarketPlace.  The owner of this company is a lifelong philatelist, and if we receive information or recognize listings that include fakes, counterfeits, or replicas, we have the right to, and will, suspend your account immediately.
  28. The sale of postcards, copied or photographed, is prohibited on the MarketStop website.  If we receive information or recognize listings that are copies or photographs of original postcards (whether or not they are replicas or authentic), we have the right to, and will suspend your account immediately.  Authorized reproductions of postcards may be permissible under specific circumstances.  They must be identified, without any difficulty, as authorized reproductions, and you must have our written approval.
  29. Any product listing that fails to comply with the above mentioned policies, may be terminated at any time without notice.  Fees will not be refunded on any product listing that is terminated as a result of listing policy violations.  Additionally, the aforementioned listing policies are applicable to any and all forum postings, messages through MarketStop Messages, and any other associated means of communication.
  30. You must ship ALL items sold by you in a timely fashion, never later than the parameters you stated in your listing, unless the shopper does not adhere to the terms posted in your listing or of if the shopper cannot be contacted.
  31. You may never maneuver the price or intrude upon any other merchant’s listings.  This is grounds for complete termination of your account, shopper and merchant!
  32. You may not convert your MarketStop Member Account and Username (including feedback) to another party or person without consent from MarketStop administration.
  33. Posting untrue, imprecise, ambiguous, slanderous, fraudulent, or libelous content is strictly prohibited.  Note that MarketStop is not a political entity, and therefore, neutral in that respect, so subjective thought, positions, and ideas of “hate speech,” “personal emotions,” “hurt feelings,” and the like are not considered here.  The First Amendment of the United States Constitution clearly points out the rights of every citizen in this nation, and we will not, nor will we ever, infringe upon those rights.  It is not our place to side with parties from one standpoint to the other.  MarketStop is an eCommerce venue … period.
  34. The following is a largely important situation to us and will not be tolerated to any extent, whatsoever:  You must never pretend to be a “rights owner” and “report” your competition for unauthorized sales in the hopes of getting their account removed.  We will investigate any and all accusations that are made in this respect, and NO accounts will be suspended or terminated until a proven conclusion has been reached.  If you are lying, we will catch you.
  35. You will not utilize any bots, crawlers, spiders, scrapers, data gathering, extracting, or mining tools, or any other means of automation or similar technology to gain access to MarketStop Services for any purpose, scheme, objective, or the like, whatsoever, except with express consent from MarketStop.
  36. You may not foist any excessively large, inordinately substantial load upon our framework and/or infrastructure.
  37. You must obey any and all export and re-export laws, rules, regulations, and restrictions according to the jurisdiction(s) you are operating in at any given time when selling Internationally.
  38. Gathering information about MarketStop Members without their permission is not allowed.
  39. You will not commercialize any Services or applications which belong to MarketStop unless prior consent is granted.
  40. Infringing upon the copyright, trademark, patent, database, and/or other intellectual property rights that belong to or are licensed to MarketStop or another person(s) is forbidden unless permission from the rights owner has been granted, unless they are royalty free, or if they are public stock.  You can see more here.

Ending an Auction Early (Not launched yet; auction abilities have not been launched yet)

When you make the decision to terminate a listing early, potential shoppers may be disheartened.  If you end listings early on a regular basis, your Merchant Account may be subjected to account restraints, stipulations, and quite possibly, other, more drastic, consequences.  We do grasp the fact, however, that at times, you may have a perfectly legitimate reason to terminate a listing early.

  1. If the item is lost, damaged, or otherwise, no longer available, do your utmost to terminate the listing posthaste.
  2. If you made an error when putting the listing together; consider making a revision or an addendum to the product’s description, instead of ending it.  If, for any reason, you cannot amend the listing, try to terminate the listing as quickly as possible.
  3. Please understand that your ability to terminate a listing early is dependent upon the length of time remaining in the listing and whether or not the listing has attracted any bids.
  4. We will continue to charge listing fees (like insertion fees and various optional fees) if you terminate your listing early.  If you want to amend or enhance your listing, consider a revision of your listing instead.
  5. Merchants are not allowed to cancel bids and terminate listings early to avert the sale of a product that failed to reach a desired sale price.  This is an unfair and dishonest practice, and it will not be tolerated.  Be diligent and wise when creating your product listings.

If you are Having Issues with a Shopper

If you are having issues with a shopper concerning such things as feedback extortion, or them asking you to complete a sale outside of the MarketStop website, please contact us immediately at so that we may discuss the issue(s) with you.

Do your best to be honest, polite, courteous, and have good intentions when you try to resolve a transaction issue.  Cooler heads will always prevail when making purchases on the Internet.  See our help section to learn more about what you can do if you do not receive a purchased product or if the product does not match the listing description exactly as portrayed.

You may not attempt to contact other merchants to warn them about a shopper.  This is called Transaction Interference, and it is forbidden on the MarketStop website.  If you have any concerns about a customer’s behavior, report it to us at, and we will put together an investigation.  This sort of report must never be based on revenge or spite, and your Member Account will be canceled with immediacy should we determine that it was your intent.

It is prohibited for merchants to contact other merchants to discuss sales or anything else on the MarketStop website. Any correspondence in this regard must be done outside of this venue!

Disputing Feedback

Please contact the shopper who left the feedback first, and try to work out whatever issue caused them to leave the disputed feedback.  Explain to them why you believe the feedback is unfounded and what you will do, if necessary, to have them remove it, ie., refund, rebate, coupon for future purchases, etc.  Usually, shoppers and merchants can work out these differences and all is well in the end.  If you truly believe that you are being abused, contact us at, and we will try to help by reaching out to the shopper on your behalf.  Please keep in mind that our User Agreement explicitly states that we are not adjudicators or mediators, and our abilities are extremely limited in these instances.

International Sellers (Not launched yet)

If you are registering to vend products from a country outside of the United States, there are required measures you must take prior to beginning your marketing career on MarketStop.  The following measures assure a wonderful experience for you and for MarketStop Members:  It is required that you state the country from which your products are shipping from in your merchant profile for potential shoppers to see.  You will be responsible for affirming and assuring that you will satisfy the shipping expectations for any and all orders you obtain.