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Category, Product, and Listing Guidelines

Important: If you market products on MarketStop, it is essential that you adhere to all federal, state, and local laws, and MarketStop policies applicable to listings for said products.

Certain products cannot be listed or sold on MarketStop.  Some products may not be listed in the MarketStop MarketPlace as a matter of compliance with legal or regulatory constraints, such as black-market bootlegs and copies, illegal drugs/narcotics, or other naturally secured, lewd, obscene, or disgusting pornographic items and content.  For more information and examples, please see the Categorical List of Item/Product Policies (below) for further information.

Occasionally, in some categories, merchants may not create product listings for certain products without prior approval from MarketStop.  Additionally, merchants may be required to obtain supplementary approval to list specific products in certain categories.  These categories would include items that would require pre-approval of sale from the rights owners on their company letterhead.  See the Categories and Products Requiring Pre-Approval page for more information.

Secured Products Outline

Because we abstain from engaging in societal unrest as a huge conglomerate of convoluted political messaging steeped in monetary intemperance and hidden beneath the guise of a, so-called, compassionate and caring Internet eCommerce vendor, customers can trust that they will always buy with assurance on MarketStop.  We will do our best, as we grow, to address issues of conflict between merchants and consumers.  However, please understand that we are not lawyers, and we cannot mediate, adjudicate, or provide any legal advice, whatsoever.

Additionally, for consumers, we vet our merchants, however, it is still your responsibility to make sure your potential merchant is on the up-and-up.  Merchants should make all their listings presentable and they should contain verbiage that provides the potential customer the ability to discern their marketing habits and practices.  We are not responsible for the refunding of purchases made in the MarketStop MarketPlace.  We will contact the merchant on your behalf, but we can only refund purchases made directly from MarketStop, if there is an issue with an item we sold you.  For more information, please see the User Agreement.  The link is in the footer of every page.

NOTE:  The sale of illegal or other secured products listed on these pages, including products available only by prescription, such as medications and CPAP machines, are stringently prohibited.  Also, items that provide prizes, like lotteries, raffles, and “chance” mailing lists are prohibited.  Additionally, there will be no real estate sold on MarketStop, as well as stocks and/or any other securities.  This is because the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates the sale of said items.  You cannot find investors or raise capital in the MarketStop MarketPlace.

If you plan to be a merchant on MarketStop, you should carefully review the Secured Products pages listed below before listing a product.  We allow much more variety than other sites, like firearms and ammunition, and collectible stamps and coins, for instance, but there are still constraints based upon State and Federal laws, not emotional feelings and political correctness.  The examples provided in the Help pages are not complete and are presented purely as an informational guide. We encourage you to consult with an attorney if you have questions about the laws and regulations concerning your products being sold from the states in which you live and to residents of the states of which you would be selling.  Once again, please note that all products and listings must comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws. In addition, any links provided are for informational purposes only, and MarketStop does not adhere to the accuracy of any information provided in these links.  After all, and unfortunately, the internet is full of half-truths and lies.

If you supply a product in violation of the law and/or MarketStop’s policies, which would include those listed in the Secured Products pages, we will take appropriate (and not bullying, like the other guys) corrective actions, including, but not limited to, a suspension of selling rights until a full investigation has been conducted, allowing all parties involved to plead their cases, and permanent withholding of payments for said items in the event that they must be returned to the payer if the merchant has been found in violation.  The sale of illegal or unsafe products can also lead to legal action, including civil and criminal penalties.

We will, steadily, be conceiving betterment on behalf of our customers and our merchants (because YOU matter) to improve the ways we detect and prevent illegal and unsafe products from entering the MarketStop MarketPlace.  MarketStop encourages you to report violations of policy or applicable law by contacting us the instant you witness something suspicious.  We will investigate each report thoroughly and justly, before taking appropriate action.

Additional Related Policies

1.  Certain categories require you to obtain pre-approval from MarketStop before listing in those categories; these categories will require either proof of legitimate suppliers to your business and/or rights owner permission on letterhead, where required.  There will be a list of these items in the future.

2.  Certain categories require you to provide additional information and/or a supplemental guarantee before listing in those categories.

3.  Certain products are subject to additional regulations in the state of California.

4.If you wish to list items for international purchase, once it is incorporated into our interface, you are responsible for conducting proper research to ensure that the items listed comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


All merchants are responsible for their own warranties and guarantees.  If a merchant markets an item that is defective, that merchant is expected to provide the customer with a return label, some form of compensation for return, or a refund without return. MarketStop is in no way responsible for the actions of the merchants selling on the site and cannot issue warranty refunds. These must be worked out with the merchant.

If a merchant receives a complaint and does not proactively follow through in order to satisfy the customer, the incident will be investigated, and the merchant’s account can be suspended or revoked outright.  Please take care of your customers.

Lastly, in eCommerce, the customer is not always right.  Returns can be insanely numerous.  Customers must understand that returning products is only allowed if there is a broken or non-working item, or if the clothing size is incorrect, and other similar circumstances.  Returns do not have to be accepted by merchants in the event that the customer simply “no longer wants” the item.

Categorical List of Item/Product Policies

Listing Restraints

As a merchant or advertiser on MarketStop, we provide the following material for you in relation to informational purposes only, and it is not intended as legal advice.  We also do not promulgate legal advice.  We encourage you to consult with an attorney if you have questions about any and all laws and regulations concerning your listings.

Consequences for violations

Violations of MarketStop’s listing policies may result in actions such as:

  1. Cancellation of listings
  2. Limits on listing privileges
  3. Temporary suspension of listing privileges
  4. Removal of listing privileges after a thorough and unbiased investigation has been conducted

Unlike all those other guys, it is not easy to lose your selling privileges on MarketStop, once you are confirmed as a merchant.  You must be extremely underhanded in your actions and deliberately conducting questionable business practices to be removed.  We have been in this business for almost 20 years, so please understand that we can detect devious actions almost immediately.

MarketStop reserves the right to make sole judgments about whether or not a listing is appropriate.  We advocate for free speech, but because of the potentiality of children browsing our site, we will never tolerate any blatant form of pornography, sex, profanity, or sensuality … ever!

Member Action Guidelines

Objectionable & Malicious Buyer Behavior