Action Policy: Categories and Products Requiring Pre-Approval


We want our patrons to be able to shop with confidence in the MarketStop MarketPlace.  We are not out of our ever-lovin’ minds like other third-party seller websites, but understandably, for a minimal few products and categories, MarketStop may require supplementary fees, performance audits, and/or other qualifications, such as licenses or background sales experience.

Products that require approval

Even if you are selling products in a category that does not require pre-approval from MarketStop, particular products may require approval. Contact us here.  This is rare, but these products are as follows:

  • Specific products in the Software category
  • Laser pointers and related products in any category. See Laser Pointers and Related Products.
  • Hoverboard products in any category, see Hoverboards.

Categories that require approval

You are required to obtain approval from MarketStop before listing in certain product categories.

Note:  If you are approved to vend in a approval-required category, you will need to upgrade to a Goldstar Merchant plan with a monthly subscription fee.

Please always be sure to vend products in their pertinent product categories.  Be sure only to list in the “Everything Else” category if all other options to not apply.

Request approval

Merchants must meet additional qualifications to vend certain brands or to list within certain categories in the MarketStop MarketPlace.  Follow these steps to apply for approval:
  1. If you are already an approved merchant and you want to vend in a category requiring approval, please contact us at
  2. If you are yet to be approved as a merchant on MarketStop, and you are wanting to vend in one or more categories requiring approval, please contact us at        NOTE:   It is easier for you to apply for merchant status and additional categorical approvals simultaneously.

Restricted products

Certain products may not be listed at all on MarketStop.  They can be found under their respective categories under the Categorical List of Item/Product Policies on the Terms & Conditions page.