Listing Policy: Artifacts, Antiques, Antiquities, Grave-related, & Native American

 Artifacts Policy

Merchants can list certain artifacts, grave-related items, antiques, antiquities, Native American arts and crafts, and other related items.  However, merchants must meet the above requirements specific to the item that is being sold on the MarketStop marketplace.  Any condition for, or ban on, selling these items is established by various laws that MarketStop and its merchants must be obligated to follow, including:

  • The Indian Arts and Crafts Act
  • The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
  • The Federal Cave Protection Act

In addition to our own requirements, this policy reflects regulations that have been established by various U.S. government agencies.  These agencies are comprised of, but not limited to, the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI).  Also, for more information on illicit traffic of cultural heritage, please visit the UNESCO Database of National Cultural Heritage Laws.

As part of the fight against the trafficking of stolen pieces of art, artifacts, Native American arts and crafts, antiquities, etc., Interpol emboldens the support of, not only law enforcement agencies, but also arts, crafts, and antiques merchants and owners of artworks to actively contribute in the exchange of information concerning the theft of works of art.  More information can be found on the Works of Art section of the Interpol website.

Merchants must abide by these guidelines when listing items in these categories.  Any merchant who fails to do so, will have their listing removed, and may be subject to investigation, restrictions of buying and selling privileges and account suspension.

 Permitted Listings Model

Authentic artifacts, relics, and fossils are, generally, saleable on the MarketStop marketplace, as long as they meet the following conditional allowances model:

 Conditional Allowances Model

  • Antiquities must be authentic
  • Merchants must include the origin and history of possession/ownership and, if possible, a photo or photocopy of the official document assigned to the item, as well as any legal documentation
  • The time-period the item originates from (to the best of the merchant’s research results, if there is any question) must be noted in the listing description
  • If the item has been repaired, tampered with, modernized, or preserved, it must be clearly and distinctly noted in the listing description
  • Non-Native American arts & crafts are permitted, but the description must note that the item is not Native American

Reproduction of artifacts, relics, and fossils must meet the following requirements:

  • Listing title and description have to use either of the words “Reproduction” or “Repro”
  • Items must be listed in their appropriate categories

All Native American, Alaskan Native, and American Indian jewelry, arts, and crafts must meet the following requirements:

  • Anything from 1934 or earlier must be listed in the Collectibles category
  • Anything from 1935 or later must include the craftsman’s name and tribe in the listing description
  • Items crafted by non-tribal members may be sold if craftsman is designated and certified by the affiliated tribe and is included in the listing description
  • The following items may be listed for sale on the MarketStop marketplace only if they are new and unused:
    • Tombstones
    • Urns
    • Caskets
    • Burial Plots
    • Headstones
    • Gravestones

 Prohibited Listings Model

  • Artifacts, relics, or fossils that were removed from Native American, federal, state, or battlefield land
  • Stalagmites, stalactites, or speleothems taken from Native American, federal, or state land
  • Used headstones, gravestones, or urns
  • Never use the keyword “style” in your product title or description when comparing to authentic items
  • Anything from 1935 or later that does not include the craftsman’s name or tribe

Other Related Material

What is the reason for this MarketStop policy?

Our policy echoes all laws and regulations concerning the marketing of any of the categories in the above discussion.  Please be mindful of, and adhere to, all applicable laws before considering selling these items on the MarketStop marketplace.