Listing Policy: Art – Fine Art

 Art Policy

MarketStop advocates for the lawful sale of art of all kinds in its marketplace.  However, we stand steadfastly on, and adhere obstinately to, our policy of zero tolerance where fraudulent schemes are being practiced, especially while utilizing our marketplace as a platform for these devious plots and plans.

Be doubtlessly and adamantly positive that your listings in the Art category follow these guidelines to the tee.  If your listing is questionable with regards to the policy, it will be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including investigation, subsequent restrictions of your buying and selling privileges, and ultimately, a suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?

The above guidelines for sale have been drawn from specified terms of marketing and are considered “general trade practice” within the art communities and organizations.  It neither changes nor supersedes MarketStop’s User Agreement or any other policies.  These guidelines are supplemental and complemental.

 Permitted Listings Model

  • Distinctive paintings, watercolors, drawings, and two-dimensional mixed media
  • Your own original fine art

 Conditional Allowances Model

  • Limited Edition photographs or prints meeting the following requirements:
    • From a Limited Edition which does not exceed 250 items
    • The prints should be numbered (X/XX) and signed, or accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist or authorized party, which states the particular number of the print (X/XX)
    • Artist proofs or color test proofs (CTP) are allowed for editions of less than 250
  • Secondary-sale works (artwork with a sales history):  Works must be authenticated by an authorized party; the merchant must have proof of purchase or title for the work and provide it to the consumer; listings should include origin with sales history
  • Exact replicas that meet the following criteria:
    • Listing description must state with clarity that the item is a reproduction
    • If any repairs or alterations have been rendered on the work, they must be noted with lucidity, precision, and detail in the listing description
    • The title of the item must include the word “Reproduction” or “Repro”
    • A photograph of the actual item must accompany the listing
    • In the case of exact replicas, you must incorporate the artist’s name in the title and the description of the listing
  • An artist’s names may not be used if it is not an exact replica and only “in the style of” said artist

 Prohibited Listings Model

  • Artwork without a named artist
  • Artwork that was created as a reproduction of an existing work; the artist did not deliberately make more than one version of the same artwork
  • Unauthorized reproductions or copies deliberately being sold, displayed, traded, promoted, or produced
  • Renouncing or repudiating interest in the authenticity or legitimacy of an item the merchant describes as genuine is forbidden.
  • Marketing an item in the MarketStop marketplace when you cannot furnish substantial proof of its authenticity
  • Limited Edition art that consists of any of the following:
    • An edition of over 250, even if numbered and hand signed or otherwise meeting the requirements above
    • Creative Commons images or editions
    • Estate signed or estate editions
    • Plate signed editions
    • Open editions, even if hand signed
  • Wittingly marketing or advertising art in a fraudulent, misleading manner, including bogus claims of an item’s paucity, derivation, origin, worth, or condition, as well as its investment potential

What is the Reason for This MarketStop Policy?

This policy is in place to support safe trading for MarketStop members who market, purchase, and enjoy fine art.  It is also designed to profess our seriousness concerning the gravity of honesty and integrity involved in the sales and procuring of art.