Listing Policy: Government, Mass Transit, & Professional Items

 Government, Transit, Shipping Company, & Professional-Related Items

In support of the government and transit business, MarketStop does not allow most uniforms, documents, and other related items in this area.  This is a matter of public safety, as well as the banning or regulating by the federal authorities concerning certain items.  Please make sure you follow the guidelines in this policy so that you can keep your merchant account in good standing.  If there are any questions about any of these models, please contact us at

NOTE:  Accessories can be any of the following items – (badges, patches, hats, pins, scarves, ties, socks, bags, gloves, wings, etc.)

 Permitted Listings Model

  • Vintage uniforms (includes hats, bags, gloves, ties, socks, etc.) older than 10 years
  • Mail carrier Halloween outfits
  • Merchandise with shipping company logos used for promotion only
  • Collectible Transit Authority novelty items like tokens, posters, maps, and other related items that are available to the public

 Conditional Allowances Model

  • Vintage uniforms only if they are older than 10 years and not currently being used
  • Vintage uniform does not resemble currently worn or currently used clothing and/or accessories
  • New York City Metro cards, but must be expired (merchant must note expiration date in listing description)

 Prohibited Listings Model

  • All currently used airline company uniforms and accessories
  • All airline uniforms, including baggage handlers, stewards, and stewardesses, etc.
  • All currently used public transportation uniforms and accessories
  • All currently used government official uniforms and accessories
  • All currently used shipping company uniforms and accessories
  • All New York City Transit (NYCT) uniforms and accessories are off-limits, regardless of age
  • All Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uniforms and accessories
  • All USPS uniforms and accessories are off-limits, regardless of age
  • Items with the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified emblem
  • Any and all items that are used to control any and all transit vehicles, including tools, keys, switch-lock keys
  • All shipping company logos, decals, stickers, or vehicles
  • Valid New York City Metro cards
  • Any player or recorder devices from the Library of Congress or National Library of Service (NLS)

 What is the reason for this MarketStop policy?

There are stringent federal regulations banning or restraining the sale of government, transit, and shipping-related items.  Along with consumers and merchants on MarketStop, we are required to adhere to those regulations.  So it is imperative that these possible sales situations are pointed out for clarity.