Listing Policy: Illegal Activity

 Illegal Activity Policy

Spurring others into committing crimes or creating an unsafe environment for the patrons of MarketStop is expressly prohibited.  This includes providing instructions to illegal activities and facilitating or promoting illegal activities, as well as linking to Internet URLs that provide or support such information.  Illegal activity is strictly forbidden on the MarketStop website, and we have absolutely no tolerance for it.  Violators will be investigated, and if found guilty of such nefarious acts, will immediately have their buying and selling privileges revoked for life.

If you suspect illegal activity is occurring on the website, please report it at once to our support team.

 Prohibited Listings Policy

  • Instructions for producing drugs, like methamphetamine
  • Pill presses, molds, and dyes
  • Information about hijacking aircrafts
  • Instructions for creating explosive devices
  • Kill-switch activated electronic devices
  • Instructions for picking locks
  • Instructions on how to access, and the use of, anabolic steroids
  • Blank store coupons that can be forged and couterfeited
  • Reflective paint or smoked-gray license paint covers/diffusers
  • USPS shipping labels, boxes, and tape
  • Products designed to tamper with urinalysis results
  • Anything else remotely related to the items in this list that could be considered questionable

If you have questions about products you would like to list on the MarketPlace, but are unsure as to their acquiescence, policy-wise, please contact our support team.

What is the reason for this MarketStop policy?

Encouraging illegal activity may be prohibited by law, we urge you to follow all laws and regulations, as well as MarketStop policies.  You are not allowed to use MarketStop to embolden other members to take part in illegal activity.