Listing Policy: Other Prohibited Products

 Other Prohibited Products

  • Coupons
  • Ethanol fuels
  • Listings that avert any site visitor away from the site and into any other eCommerce channel, excepting ads that are consistent with MarketStop ads.
  • Pandora’s Boxes, Grab Bags (Bulk listings that do not specify exactly what is for sale)
  • Products intended to produce illegal products or engage in illegal actions
  • Digital download products; this includes codes or ciphers that can be utilized to access other websites or services
  • Marketing lists, personal information, and the like
  • Products with the model, stock, UPC, QR, EAN, and/or ISBN numbers or grids removed or altered
  • Real property or real estate
  • Domain names
  • Teacher’s editions of textbooks and solutions manuals¬†in any media format
  • UPC Barcode Labels, QR Codes, and EAN Codes
  • EAN Code generators
  • Refurbished and/or used gas line connectors
  • Products or items containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)