Listing Policy: Event Tickets Resale

 Event Tickets Resale Policy

Tickets for sporting events, plays, concerts, presentations, and other performance or competition that requires paid admission may be sold on MarketStop.  This is with the exception of a few instances where conditional allowances come into play.  Also, please be sure to adhere to any and all applicable laws and that the sale of your item does not infringe on said laws.

Merchants, who sell tickets to an event that is, subsequently, canceled, must reach out and contact the purchaser and offer a full refund.

If a ticket, or tickets, is/are sold to an event that has been postponed due to rain or other unforeseen circumstances, the merchant should, during contact with the purchaser do one of the two following actions:

  • Ask the purchaser whether they would prefer a full refund once the ticket is returned and received, or
  • Ask the purchaser if they would like to wait and hold the ticket until the event is rescheduled

 Permitted Listings Model

  • Any tickets that do not infringe on any laws or regulations, purchaser and merchant alike

 Conditional Allowances Model

           Ticket Packages

Due to differing state-to-state regulations, combinations of stipulations will determine whether or not a ticket package can be designated for market on MarketStop.  In order to be excluded from state ticket resale regulations, the qualifications for a ticket package must consist of a ticket accompanied by one or more of the following:

  1.  A predetermined, scheduled meeting with a prominent party, like an entertainer, sports figure, actor, actress, etc.
  2.  A backstage pass
  3.  Paid transportation to the event (train, plane, helicopter, bus, limousine, etc.)
  4.  “Special Person” involvement, like a one-time batboy, a team bench attendant, etc.
  5.  A complete travel bundle, including, but not limited to, air fare, hotel accommodations (at least one night), transportation at destination, etc.
    • Travel bundles must include both air transportation and hotel/motel accommodations

           Primary Tickets/Ticket Packages

These are tickets that are sold, given to, or provided, in some manner, by event organizers, entertainers, performers, teams, artists, promoters, etc.  They are excluded from state ticket resale regulations.  The listing description must include the following disclaimer (please copy & paste word-for-word and fill in the parentheses with the pertinent language):

“This listing is for an authorized original-sale of (name of ticket) to the public and is being marketed directly from (person or persons selling item, e.g., promoter, actor, etc.).”

           Tickets to Charity Events

Tickets being sold to charity events must be “free” tickets.   There must be some form of admission charge in order to market “saleable” tickets.

 Prohibited Listings Model

  • Selling tickets for money to free events is sneaky, underhanded, and not allowed in the MarketStop MarketPlace

 Exhibiting Professional Mannerisms & Merchant Promise

We commend and bolster the safe and responsible marketing of event tickets on MarketStop.  To ensure that all listings adhere to any and all laws pertinent to the marketing of event tickets, we have developed conductorial guidelines for marketing event tickets on MarketStop.  These guidelines do not supplant, alter, nor dissolve MarketStop’s merchant terms and policies.  They are considered to be adscititious to said terms and policies.  We ask that our merchants fervently comply with the guidelines set forth when marketing on MarketStop:

  1.  I will only market or advertise event tickets that I personally hold in my possession
  2.  I concede to submit to any and all local, state, or federal laws, consequent addenda or addendums, and/or regulations with regards to the marketing of event tickets
  3.  I promise to promptly refund the full purchase price for any event ticket found to be fake or, otherwise, unacceptable for attending the prospective event
  4.  I promise to promptly refund the full purchase price for any event that has been canceled or postponed unless the customer would prefer to hold onto the ticket during a postponement to attend at the later determined date  (NOTE:  If, after 10 days, the customer decides he/she, instead, wants to return it after stating they would like to keep it, they will not be permitted to do so; 10 days is the limit)
  5.  I will not in deceptive or questionable business practices, like fraudulent claims or value manipulation

 What is the reason for this MarketStop policy?

This policy is to point out the importance of following all laws and regulations pertaining to ticket sales.