Listing Policy: Autographed Items & Trading Cards

 Autographed Items Policy

How will you know that your autograph is not fraudulent?

Many authenticators out there are scams and frauds.  It is a sticky business because of this.  It is imperative that you do your research on the person or institution of whom you are potentially purchasing from.  The next step is to ensure you are receiving one of two things:  1) A Certificate of Authenticity (COA), or 2) A Letter of Authenticity (LOA).

COA – A certificate of authenticity (COA) is a seal or sticker on a proprietary piece of memorabilia or art work, especially where computers and sports are concerned, it is commonly a seal on paper authenticating a specific art work, which is intended to establish that the item is authentic.  Occasionally, it can also be referred to as a letter of authenticity (LOA).  COAs and LOAs also have a high potential for increasing value of the item due to increasing demand because of established authenticity.

Here are some examples:



Listing Description Requirements for Autographed Items

  • A focused photo of the COA or LOA
  • Must have information about the party issuing the COA
  • A focused photo of the item itself along with a focused photo of the autograph(s)
  • Refunds must be a possibility 100% of the time.  There is no changing the application of this rule.  Merchants must apply a fair and reasonable refund policy to their autograph listings in the event that the autograph/item is found, by a reputable authenticator, to be a forgery.

Here is a list of recommended authenticators for items that may be found on the MarketStop marketplace for a variety of collectible categories.  This list was found as public knowledge through a browser search, and then we examined and studied it exhaustively for efficacy:

Authentication and Grading Companies
Autographs Sports Autographs & Sports Memorabilia

Pre-certified Autographs

Beanie Babies
Coins (Numismatics)
Jewelry, Diamonds, & Gemstones
Political Memorabilia
Stamps (Philately)
Trading Cards

Here is a list of persons and/or organizations who’s COAs and LOAs are not accepted as authentic, genuine, or credible on the MarketStop marketplace.  It applies to both autographs and trading cards.  This list was found as public knowledge through a browser search, and then we examined and studied it exhaustively for efficacy:

COAs and LOAs from the following are not permitted on MarketStop
•           ACE Authentic
•           Coach’s Corner Sports Auctions LLC
•           Christopher L. Morales
•           CSC Collectibles
•           Donald Frangipani
•           Forensic Document Services
•           Hollywood Dreams
•           J. DiMaggio Co. / J. DiMaggio Company
•           Legends Sports Memorabilia
•           Mounted Memories
•           Nathan’s Autographs / N.E. Autographs
•           Nicholas Burczyk
•           Pro Sports / Pro Sports Memorabilia
•           Rare and
•           Robert Prouty
•           R.R.’s Sports Cards & Collectibles
•           SCAA / Front Page Art / Angelo Marino
•           Schwartz Sports
•           Slamdunk Sportscards & Memorabilia
•           Sports Alley Memorabilia
•           Sports Management Group
•           Stan’s Sports / Stan’s Sports Memorabilia
•           TTA Authentic (formerly STAT Authentic)
•           Universal Memorabilia
•           USA Authentics
•           (Blank COAs and LOAs)
•           (Stand-alone COAs or LOAs)
•           (COAs or LOAs from anyone listed on the FBI’s Operation Bullpen website)

 Trading Cards Policy

It is highly recommended (especially with high-dollar cards) that merchants have their stock graded, if they are not already, before putting them to market.  Graded cards allow for an extremely concise dollar/cents amount in regards to the value of the card.  It is obligatory that the merchant notes in the listing description that the card was professionally graded and the name of the authenticator.  It is also required that the merchant includes the word “Graded” in the title of the listing.  There also must be a focused, quality picture of the graded card and the certificate.  The grading company’s logo, name, or both, must be easy to read.

 Permitted Listings Model

Almost every trading card known to man, minus a few exceptions, may be listed for sale in the MarketStop marketplace.  Authorized reproductions may be listed, as well.

 Conditional Allowances Model

The following cards, because of their rarity, must, absolutely be professionally graded before they are allowed to be sold in the MarketStop marketplace.

  • 1909 Ty Cobb (T206 Set)
  • 1909 Cy Young (T206 Set)
  • 1909 Honus Wagner (T206 Set)
  • 1909 Eddie Plank Error (T206 Set)
  • 1933 Babe Ruth (Goudey Gum Company #’s 53, 80, 144, and 181)
  • 1933 Lou Gehrig (Goudey Gum Company #’s 92 and 160)
  • 1951 Mickey Mantle (Bowman #253)
  • 1952 Mickey Mantle (Topps #311)
  • 1966 – 1967 Bobby Orr Rookie (Topps #35)
  • 1979 – 1980 Wayne Gretzky Rookie (O-Pee-Chee and Topps #18)
  • 1986 – 1987 Michael Jordan Rookie (Fleer #57)

 Prohibited Listings Model

Unauthorized reprints, such as these popular forgeries:

  • 1979 Wayne Gretzky Rookie (Unauthorized Reproductions)
  • 1986 Mario Lemieux Rookie (Unauthorized Reproductions)
  • 1986 Michael Jordan Rookie (Unauthorized Reproductions)

What is the Reason for This MarketStop Policy?

MarketStop created this policy as a means to protect our members and to afford them the ability to make cognizant judgments before marketing and purchasing autographed items.  This especially includes items that have COAs or LOAs, or items that have been professionally graded.