Listing Policy: Coins, Stamps, & Currency

 Coins, Stamps, & Currency Policy

You are required to obtain approval from MarketStop before listing in the Collectible Coins or Collectible Stamps categories.  For more information, see these merchant Help page: Collectible Coins, Collectible Stamps.


A graded stamp or coin is one that has received a numeric grade (Examples:  XF-S 95 NH for stamps, or MS-65 for coins) from an  authorized and reputable stamp or coin grading company.  This numeric grade must be included in the title or description of the listing only if the stamp or coin has been graded by a company that we deem as one who meets certain objective criteria.  The grading companies consist of highly distinguished experts who can spot “impossible to see” counterfeits and forgeries 99.9% of the time.  Graded stamps and coins are, generally, sold and purchased for much higher prices than non-graded.  Authenticity is a driving factor, and most serious collectors want all their high-dollar items graded, and sentimentally, even some of the lower-dollar items.

Single coins with a starting bid price (once auctions come to MarketStop), reserve price, or Buy It Now price of $2,000 or more must be graded from an approved grading company, and the numeric grade must be included in the listing.  This requirement does not apply to bullion listings, collections, lots, or sets.

Approved Grading Companies

A note from the MarketStop founder, Troy Theisen:  I have been an avid philatelist (stamp collector) since I was eight-years-old; that would be forty-seven years as of this writing.  I have amassed a very nice, exceptionally-well taken care of collection, primarily made up of the following countries:  United States, Denmark, San Marino, and France.  I had a sweet baseball card collection at an even earlier age, six-years-old, maybe.  That collection was, unfortunately, stolen from me when my home was robbed in 1994.  Thank goodness the stamps were protected.  Anyhow, I have also collected coins, comics, and baseball player autographs to a lesser degree since my childhood, and my wife collects Hummel figures and Hallmark Seraphim Classics angels.  I have used various services over the years for various pricing and grading.  The following list was created through a browser search, however, I have worked with many of these wonderful companies, and they are just that … wonderful!  We will be reaching out to them all in the near future to work out an agreement to not be purchasing and marketing items from their specialized fields in the MarketStop MarketPlace, thus, keeping them from competing with you, our consumers and merchants.  Thank you!

Here is a list of recommended authenticators for items that may be found on the MarketStop MarketPlace for a variety of collectible categories.  This list was found as public knowledge through a browser search, and then we examined and studied it exhaustively for efficacy:

Authentication and Grading Companies
Autographs Sports Autographs & Sports Memorabilia

Pre-certified Autographs

Beanie Babies
Coins (Numismatics)
Jewelry, Diamonds, & Gemstones
Political Memorabilia
Stamps (Philately)
Trading Cards

 Permitted Listings Model

  • Collectible Coins  (NOTE:  Rounds are permitted at MarketStop)
  • Grab bags for coins and stamps are permitted, but they are all non-refundable and purchased at the buyer’s risk  (merchants must try to describe to the best of their knowledge)
  • Replica Paper Money
    • Items are printed on one side only
    • Cannot be a copy of any country’s current commercially exchangeable bank notes
    • Listings must include at least one, preferably more, clear, up-close pictures of the currency being marketed
    • Copies of genuine items must be more than 150% or less than 70% of the original size of the true item
    • Title and description must include at least one of the following the words:  “Replica,” “Copy,” “Imitation,” “Reproduction,” or “Repro”
    • Altered currency with the intent to deceive are forbidden
  • Monetized Bullion: Coins or other forms of money manufactured of gold, silver, or other precious metal and used now or hereafter used as a medium of exchange under the laws of a U.S. state, the United States, or any foreign nation. The medium of exchange must have had a legal status equivalent to legal tender that include relevant information known about the items:
    • Numismatic preservation
    • Country of circulation
    • Clear, detailed picture of the item
    • Condition, if not graded  (subjective, but please follow numismatic grading guidelines)
    • Grader and Grade
    • Date of issue
    • Metal composites
    • Purity of metal, if bullion
    • Restrikes, produced or authorized by the original country’s government
  • Collectible coins or monetized bullion that are reproductions, replicas, or copies and satisfy the following conditions as well as comply with the Counterfeit Deterrence Act of 1992:
    • Marked as such on the item
    • Contain a clear image of the mark
    • State that the item is a reproduction, replica, or copy in the title and the description
  • Collectible Stamps & all legitimate philatelic items, like covers, blocks, etc.
    • Philatelic preservation
    • Country of origin
    • Clear image of the item
    • Condition, if not graded  (subjective, but please follow guidelines put forth by the PSE, found here:
    • Grader, Grade, and Certificate, if graded, (according to guidelines put forth by the (PSE) Professional Stamp Experts), found here:

 Prohibited Listings Model

  • Altered legal tender outside of numismatic preservation. This includes holograms, overlays, colorizing, plating, etc.
  • Replica stamps, even if marked as a replica
  • Virtual currency
  • Paper wallets
  • Imitations, fakes, and prop money that is not conspicuously marked “Copy” including:
    • Coins
    • Tokens
    • Stamps
    • Paper money
    • Commemorative medals
  • Counterfeit anything:  (coins, stamps, and paper money such as bank notes, bonds, money orders, silver certificates, and gold certificates, etc.)
  • Stocks and securities
  • Equipment/plates designed to create counterfeit items
  • Cash or cash equivalent instruments, including money orders, traveler’s checks, stored value products like retail or open loop gift cards or electronic stored-value redemption codes  (except for retail gift cards listed by pre-approved merchants)
  • Gift cards, including:
    • Gift cards, except retail gift cards listed by pre-approved merchants
    • Retail gift cards that exceed $2,000 in value  (buyers purchase at their own risk)
  • Non-monetized bullion  (precious metal which has been smelted or refined and has a value dependent primarily upon its precious metal content and not upon its form)
  • State or federal assistance benefits, such as:
    • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) benefits, including supplemental foods (such as infant formula), cash-value vouchers, and food instruments (such as vouchers, checks, electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards, and coupons)
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamp Program) benefits and SNAP EBT cards

 Other Related Material

What is the Reason for This MarketStop Policy?

There are not many places on the Internet where stamp & coin merchants can sell their wares.  MarketStop understands fully what these collectible items mean to us on a nostalgic, compassionate level.  We will do all we can to make the stamp and coin environment safe and trustworthy for consumers and merchants alike.  These policies are in place to safeguard our members.