Listing Policy: Locksmithing Devices

 Locksmithing Devices Policy

NOTE:  NO locksmithing devices, except for blank keys, depth keys, antique skeleton keys, educational material on becoming a locksmith, key guide, and replacement parts for key-making machines, are allowed in the following states:  Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.  Merchants may not sell locksmithing tools from the state of Tennessee.

We have notified our merchants through this policy about these states’ laws and claim no responsibility for any merchant or merchant’s actions concerning these laws.  We are not lawyers, mediators, or adjudicators, and we can offer no legal advice.

It is up to the merchant to do their due diligence concerning the sales of any items where said items are legal in some states, illegal in others, and have conditions of legality in others.  If a merchant is found to be marketing locksmithing devices other than those that are noted in the Permitted Listings Model, their account will be immediately revoked, and they could face charges from any state whose laws they violated.

 Permitted Listings Model

  • Blank keys

 Conditional Allowances Model

  • Locksmithing devices, such as the following are allowed, except in these states (these laws can change, please keep up-to-date if you have any intention of marketing in this category):
    1. Mississippi
    2. Nevada
    3. Ohio
    4. Tennessee
    5. Virginia
      • Handcuff keys
      • Lock picking cards and lock picking guns
      • Lock picking sets
      • Slim-jims
      • Tension bars
      • Training locks
      • Try-out keys and jigglers
      • Tubular lock picks

 Prohibited Listings Model

  • Devices designed to duplicate a key
  • Shoplifting devices, including sensormatic detachers
  • Card skimming devices
  • Digital decoders
  • Code grabbing devices
  • Master keys or skeleton keys
  • NO locksmithing devices are allowed in the following states:  Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia (do not market any locksmithing tools to people in these states)
    • The merchant must clearly note this in the listing description
    • The merchant must not accept any orders from these states, or they could be prosecuted by law
  • Bump keys
  • Bypass tools
  • Key-cutting machines
  • Code cutters
  • Cam cutters

The following is extensive information regarding the laws on this subject in every state:

 Other Related Material

 What is the reason for this MarketStop policy?

Lockpicking and locksmithing devices are highly-regulated in five of the states in the U.S.  There are minor additions to the laws in other states, and some states have no laws concerning these devices at all.  For instance, Illinois has a specific law concerning bump keys, but none about lockpicking devices.  It is essential that you do your research in this category before marketing your products.