Listing Policy: Mailing Lists & Personal Information

  Mailing Lists & Personal Information Policy

Website SEO services, mailing lists, and the sale of personalized contact information is prohibited in the MarketStop MarketPlace, minus a few exceptions, noted below.

 Conditional Allowances Model

  • You may sell your business in the MarketStop MarketPlace, but you must be selling all 100% of the business, not just a portion (you may include a client list with the listing; company names only, no contact information).  As long as a number is not a “toll-free” number, you may sell a business number, as well, but it must be part of the business being sold, not something that is sold separately

 Prohibited Listings Model

  • Social networking accounts, any kind, cannot be sold in the MarketStop MarketPlace under any circumstances; this includes subscribers, followers, and:
    • Profiles/accounts
    • Any social networking associations with items that embolden the exchange of information or spam
    • Invites to publicly absent networking sites
  • Anything involved with mailing lists, personal information, including email addresses, social security numbers, home addresses, cell or home telephone numbers, and any other type of associative information
  • Bulk eMail lists like the following:
    • Residence mailing lists
    • Private eMail lists
    • Corporation eMail lists
    • Info on the obtainment of bulk eMail lists
    • Opt-in lists
    • IP addresses and info
    • IM info
    • Lists that may lead to sales information
  • Software or any type of mechanism devised to send spam, unsolicited eMails, unsolicited texts, instant messages, or to harvest eMail addresses

 What is the reason for this MarketStop policy?

This policy is a safety net for the large amount of fraudulent activity that is compromising the lives of so many on a day-to-day basis.  We are fighting back, and part of that fight is to implement policies that protect our citizens, members, and communities from these atrocious, unacceptable actions that we all must endure.