UPDATE:  All the big wrinkles have been worked out in the site-building process.  Now, for the little kinks.  We are anticipating the launch of MarketStop in early 2019!  Get your things ready to sell, so that YOU can be a merchant in the ever-expanding Internet eCommerce business!

MarketStop is going to be the place where you have the MOST FUN shopping for almost everything you need!  At first, unlike the real big shots, we will allow you to create and sell YOUR OWN CREATIONS!  Yes, that’s right!  Your store will be YOUR store, where all the cool and nifty things you make by hand can be made available to the entire world!  We will also be a place where you can purchase collectible stamps and coins from honest-to-goodness, true-to-life Philatelic and Numismatic vendors!  There will be so much more that you just cannot find anywhere else, like imported antiques, obsolete toys, firearms and ammunition, smoking products, and newly patented inventions!  We will also have a satellite site, 2 or 3 years from now, specifically designed for Movie and TV Show reviews, as well as the ability to review the quality of the media (DVD, Blu-ray, or Streaming) on which they are released to the public!  Can’t wait?  Neither can we!